Paterson Cullen Archaus (PCA) has been formed as the result of a merger between two practices, both founded over 20 years ago. 

We currently employ over 20 full time staff, led by Directors Mike Cole, Dennis Burns and Chad McMan, with Brian Cullen an additional Design Consultant in the Auckland office.


A leader in the adoption of computer 3D modelling and BIM, Archaus has developed the byline of ARCHITECTURE + BIM, where the opportunities and capabilities of each complement and enhance each other, leading to better outcomes for designer and client. Computer-generated visualisations are also produced in-house. Our stunning images and animations can be used for massing studies, material selection, consent applications and marketing.

Our merge with the team in Auckland means that we share a wealth of skills and knowledge, a stronger design team and a more diverse portfolio of capability.


We look forward to sharing our skills and knowledge with our new and existing



Oliver takes Dennis' photograph for the archaus website - 2017